Vamsi Mannem, the CTO of often tries his hand at blogging, out of his tech zone. While he juggles every day between multiple command windows to get the tech stack up and running in its fullest potential, he took time out to compile a list of portrait photographs (also stock images) on Picxy.

"I couldn't resist showing these pictures to our internal photography team to give them examples of art in photography. Just wanted to post here as well," he shyly writes.

Credits: Saurabh Chatterjee
Credits: Soumyadeep
Credits: Divyesh Jain
Credits: Satish Lal
Credits: Ritesh Restha
Credits: Raghu Mandaati
Credits: Abdul Munaff
Credits: Anmish Kumar
Credits: Raghu Mandaati
Credits: Sudhakar Bichali
Credits: Saurabh Chatterjee

Compiled by Vamsi Mannem - The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Picxy.