Here's how you can capture festivals in the new normal

Covid-19 has changed the ways in which we go about our everyday lives. As a diverse country, India celebrates many festivals throughout the year. With the pandemic era on the go, we are still figuring different techniques to keep the festive spirit alive.

Even while dividing many regular activities, the pandemic has brought out the creative in us. For example, most of us connect with our loved ones over various digital platforms. Similarly, photography is facing its own fair share of problems during Covid-19. But that hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm of our community of contributors.

Finding ways to capture festivities in the new normal is difficult but not impossible! Picxy has gathered the best of expert opinions from our photographers and the solutions look as bright as the festive season. So sit tight, as here are the ultimate ways in which you could capture the festivities best, in the new normal:

Be completely sure of your own safety while clicking pictures

Being safe is extremely important, especially in the present health scenario. The rise in number of people testing positive of Covid-19, should be the main reason to make sure that you're at'least wearing a mask and gloves. Also carry a sanitizer so that you’re all geared up for capturing festive moments.

Capturing images involves being around people and it's important to practice social distancing. The photographer must not only make sure he's taking all the necessary precautions while shooting but also make sure that the subject is doing so.

© Shevtsov

Capture the essence of these festivities at home first

The best place to start photographing festivals is at home. No matter how big or small, Indians like to celebrate every festival. And as a photographer, it's easy to capture images at home. One doesn’t have to worry about safety and travelling. Shooting at home might have some restrictions but a creative photographer can produce amazing images anywhere!

© Sathe

Being a culturally diverse country, there are various religions and festivals. These involve various types of celebrations, foods, clothes and decor. Capturing all of these activities can help you in visually narrating the story.

Drone photography might be a safer bet for crowd shots

Now that going out and being in a crowd isn't the best decision in terms of safety, capturing festive events and moments can be tricky. Using drones can be very helpful to capture those moments from a new visual perspective.

© Pulapa

Drones are usually used for aerial photography but they can be very convenient to use right now. One can stay in a safe area and capture amazing photographs and videos of the festivities while not being at risk of getting exposed to Covid-19.

Festivities in public areas will be different in the new normal

Being a culturally diverse society, India celebrates many festivals. A lot of these festivals are celebrated outdoors. Although the pandemic has changed the way we celebrate festivals, we can celebrate while being safe and practicing social distancing.

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Events like flag hoisting on the independence day and Ganesh visarjan as a part of Ganesh festival take place outdoors. One can capture these festivals by using various types of equipment like a telephoto lens, superzoom lens or by using a tripod and a remote sensor.

Festivals bring us great joy by getting people together. We’re all  craving for celebrations during these tough times but it's very important to remember that we’re still in the middle of a pandemic. It's fun to celebrate but it's extremely important to be safe while doing so. The photographers must take care to follow the safety guidelines when taking photographs, either indoors or outdoors while practicing social distancing. Stay safe and create great images!