What are best selling stock photos?

When it comes to stock photos, everyone has that one big question, 'What are the photographs that actually sell?'

Here is a list of items that are most sold on Picxy and some pro-tips along with it.  

Agriculture - Photos of Agriculture are widely used by various clients ranging from government, private sector, agri product-related companies and many more.  

Shot by Sandeep Pantula 

Image source: https://www.picxy.com/photo/44125/  

Pro-tip:  Paddy and wheat farms with smiling farmers are the most sold pictures.  

Water gushing out of a bore well into the farm is always a great shot. So are farmers with happy faces holding the yield, sowing plants, using fertilisers, etc.

Model-release Pictures: Pictures professionally shot with props for students, IT professionals, doctors, etc are always of great demand.  

However, you will have to take a model release from the models (people in the photo).

Shot by Vishal Tanna

Image source: https://www.picxy.com/photo/13454/

Pro-tip: Start with your friends who suit the theme and feel free to experiment.  

Best part is that photos with model releases are sold for a much higher price than the others.  

Happy families: Pictures of happy families are bought widely by agencies from across the country. Focus on rural families, agri-families and more with whole family usually standing by the house.

Shot by Abdul Munaff

Image source: https://www.picxy.com/photo/37111/

Pro-tip: The key for all these photographs is that all the people in the photo should be smiling/laughing and looking at the camera, for which you have to work closely with the family and make sure you capture it right. Also, take required permissions and keep the subjects informed about the usage of the photographs as stock photos.

Drone Pictures: Drones are a gift to the photographer community, thanks to the technology improvement. It opens up whole new dimensions and perspectives.  

It can take you to places that are inaccessible. Drone photos are certainly the next big thing.

Shot by Auro Bird Dharani Kumar

Picture source: https://www.picxy.com/photo/936/

Pro-tip:  Search on google maps before you go fly your drone so that you will have an idea about the view from the tip. Follow drone policies and regulations while creating photo content.  

Food photographs: Pictures of pickles, chicken, vegetables arranged aesthetically, preferably with a white background are bought frequently by food startups and restaurants.

Shot by Kranthi Chowdary 

Picture Source: https://www.picxy.com/photo/50023/

Shot by Rohith Rao for Picxy

Picture source: https://www.picxy.com/photo/2399/

Pro-tip: Use aesthetic patterns and colours, a white background to shoot your everyday food. Preferably most consumed ones like chicken biryani, roti, kebabs, vegetables, dal, fruits, etc.  

School children: Happy Faces of children in school uniform, going to school, playing in the playground, sitting in the classroom, etc.

Shot by Sandeep Pantula

Image source: https://www.picxy.com/photo/25901/

Pro-Tip: The key here again is to ask them to look at the camera.  

Solar and wind energy: Pictures of solar and wind energy are used widely for reports, websites and many more.  

Shot by Abdul Munaff

Pro-tip:  Drone pictures with great views of wind mills and representative shots of solar panels would be hot cakes on sale.

Temples: Pictures of temples and religious places are widely used in many tourism-related and other areas.  

Shot by Abbie

Image source: https://www.picxy.com/photo/8362/

Pro-tip: Try covering most visited temple, focus on top 30 religious places in state, not confining yourself to Tirupati, Golden temple, Shirdi etc.  

Make sure the temple pictures are of high quality as they usually go onto Print.  

Happy faces/Portraits: Happy faces who are at everyday jobs like vendors, labourers etc.

Shot by Chirag Sadhnani

Image source: https://www.picxy.com/photo/3731/

Pro-tip: Focus on one single person and avoid too many distractive subjects.    

Construction - Pictures of construction also are of great use, mostly for websites.

Shot by Idrees Mohammed

Image source: https://www.picxy.com/photo/39314/

Pro-tip:  If you have a construction labourer with safety helmet put on, its a great shot, and also of people like engineers on site.  

Photos that represent a city: Photos that represent a city are always greatly sold.  

Shot by Mr. Saurabh Chatterjee 

Image source: https://www.picxy.com/photo/36897/  

Pro-tip: Focus on a great shot that represents a city well. Example could be pictures of Charminar, Cyber Towers, Airport, Buddha Statue at Tank bund. Each city will have such 5-10 most famous places that stand as representative of the city.  

Major Infrastructure: Airports, Flights, Trains, Metros, Dams, Etc are used widely by many branding companies.  

Shot by Bhavya Soni

Image source: https://www.picxy.com/photo/5653/

This is only a start for the list. There are many more pictures that represent culture, colleges, and a broad range of subjects that keep selling.  

Start uploading and Start earning.