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How to get your first sale and improve your sales on Picxy!

Stock photography has always been a creative field where an ardent photographer can experiment, create and share image to earn some money. Photographers from various genres and experiences look forward to contribute to Picxy, India's largest stock-photo company. Don't be disappointed if you haven't made a sale on our website yet! Initially takes a lil more time for one to make a sale and so, we have put together this piece to help you do exactly that -

Here are the 10 things that you could keep in mind to increase the probability of a sale!

1- The uniqueness of the subject in frame is essential.

Capturing unique images is very important when it comes to stock photography. Why? Because there is always a demand for new and different images. Surf through our collections on Picxy to understand what kind of images exist and which ones could be added.

This way, you can create unique images which will sell faster. Remember, you can not expect a sale if you're uploading generic images! Mark that line down for sure.

2- Creating relevant images in the current timeline.

At Picxy, we generate enough potential to explore and experiment. For us, understanding the purpose of images is extremely important. Catering to the needs of the customer via forecasting, helps a lot in sales.

© Khongchum

Take for instance, how during the pandemic era, images of medical staff, sanitization of  public spaces sell more in comparison! By capturing the current world's situation, you can make more sales.

3- Make sure to capture the diversity around a subject

Choosing a subject is very important. Shooting multiple images of the same subject, in different viewpoints, also help in selling. Clients usually have a demand for a very specific set of images. But, by giving multiple options to choose from, you are increasing the probability of a sale!

© Chowdary

For example, you can easily find images of the monument Charminar, but images of the same subject from various angles, monuments' surroundings like shopping sites, restaurants and vendors help in building a story and therefore increase the probability of a sale.

© Chowdary

4- Understanding the timing of demand and accuracy.

Creating and submitting images to a Picxy is very time-dependent. Pre-planning and creating images help meet demand and increases sales. Forecasting the demand and creating those specific images is very important to maximize sales throughout the year.

© Munaf

For example, when the number of Covid-19 cases were increasing in India, the citizens were required to wear a mask in public spaces. Few photographers created images portraying this which helped them in making sales.

5- Patience is the ultimate key to a successful sale.

Selling a stock image requires a certain amount of time. But, being patient is more important as a sale can happen at any time. The demand for a certain image keeps changing frequently depending on the season, time of the year, current situations and external factors.

© Bahirwani

For example, an image of a mango probably wouldn't make a sale in the rainy season. You will probably have to wait for the summer season to sell such kind of images.

6- The cycle of demand for pictures is continuous.

The demand for stock images never stops. Some of your pictures may not sell in the same month. But, that does not mean you won't be making any sales! The demand for images keeps changing through during the year. So, not having an immediate sale shouldn't disappoint you!

© Pantula

Instead, one could always focus on creating trending images as this process is more or less delayed. For example, in agriculture, rice is harvested two to three times a year and the demand for such images keep changing.

© Mohammed

7- The size of your portfolio is also a key aspect.

Your portfolio size, as a photographer, would mean the number of images you have uploaded. And the higher the number of images uploaded, higher are the chances of making a sale. Also, higher is the revenue share. Therefore, the portfolio size is extremely important for you to maximize the potential of earning.

Upload a bulk of 100 images and make sure these talk about various subjects. (Read more about it here)

Picxy Contributor Revenue Share
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Contributor Revenue Share is credited to your account based on number of published photos.

8- Be relevant while adding image titles.

When you're uploading images on Picxy, you have to think about the customer. Indexing an image with relevant titles is extremely important so that the customer's search matches with your images.

© Singh

For example, when uploading a picture of a mango, it cannot have a title that says "yummy fruit". Having a title with words like 'mango', 'summer fruit', 'Indian summer fruit', 'Alphonso', 'organic', or the 'location of the farm' helps in making the sale. Titles must be very relevant and descriptive.

9- Find images that are relevant to India and its current affairs.

There is a lot of demand for images portraying Indian people by companies all around the world. Images that are relevant to India and its current affairs sell a lot on Picxy as the majority of the clients are Indian companies. Indian cultures, cities, foods and people are extremely relevant and in demand.

© Sekar

10- Be mindful of your audience while submitting.

The sale is dependent on the customer's needs at the given point of time. Think about what a company or an individual might be looking for and create accordingly.

© Life

Click images after understanding the market and the demand. In the present scenario, customers do prefer stock images related to the content on the pandemic and Indo China and it's affect and so images on the coronavirus would make sense. (Click here to read more)

© Munaff

At the end of the day, the sale depends on the consumer and how you can cater to their need for specific images. Meanwhile, look out for more updates on our website. We are now offering a free trial for  Stay safe and until next time!