Be smart by saving money and seeing the world!

Are you a photo enthusiast? Have you been pushing away your most anticipated trip due to budget constraints? Guess what! You don’t have to anymore! Trust us with these easy travel tweaks that can make your experience the best one yet and your photos looking great!

1. Planning is key.

· This is probably the most important argument for budget travellers. If you are a         working professional, plan much ahead so you apply for leave at the right time and    also start to save up for the big trip.

· Have a plan in place as to which equipment you’d like to carry with you for the trip.   Pre-book rooms or hostels in advance to score the best deals offered. Try to eat and   stay at budget friendly places and accommodations. For example, a simple switch     from an AC to a non-AC room can help save a few hundred bucks! There are plenty   of places available wherever you go. A little planning is all it takes.

· Pack light as your movement is not restricted in different kinds of transport,               making it easier for you to move swiftly between places.

2. Do your research.

· Do a little bit of research about the place you’re visiting and list out all the                   photogenic and important places you don’t want to miss.

· Plan your route accordingly and also look up for public transport and taxis                 available there. This way, you save both time and money.

· Plan your photography shots in advance too. This might take a bit of in-depth             research but it is an important pointer to create high-quality content.

3. Travel during the non-peak season.

· Touristy places in India can slightly be on the expensive side for a normal traveller.

· If you are looking to travel to famous places on a budget, choose to do so during         the low season. Do not back off from bargaining at the bazaars and for a good price   for a decent stay.

· Bear in mind that the places will be less crowded, leaving you more space to take       videos, photos and capture the essence and the true beauty of the place you’re             visiting.

4. Some photography tips.

· Only carry the equipment you need.
· Plan your trip and make taking good photos a priority too.
· Be patient and don’t rush into taking a photograph.
· Notice your surroundings, experiment with composition and capture the place in       its raw element.
· Scout your location and talk to the locals for the best spots.
· Use a travel tripod to position your camera. This helps you take good shots.
· Always back-up your photos.