Are you planning for a quick getaway or a trip you have been planning for soon? Ensure you bring back amazing photographs with you with these easy tips that will make your near and dear say, 'Wow!'

There are no fixed rules when it comes to taking photographs, but if you are at the early stages of learning, you might want to keep in mind a few basic steps that will get you going. Read on to find out how you can capture the moment with your smartphone or camera!

1. Lighting

Shot by Abdul Munaff

This is probably the most important step to keep in mind before clicking a photograph. Make sure you are aware of where the light is coming from. This helps in making sure the photo is well defined and you get a great looking photograph.

2. Level Up! or Down!

Shot by Nikhil Patil

Move around with your camera. If you’re shooting a subject, say, a child, ensure to zero down on a level/angle where you can get a good photograph from. This ensures that you are always capturing the best angle while shooting your subject(s). The viewpoint can affect the message the photographer is trying to convey.

3. Rule of Thirds

Shot by Nikhil Patil

If you are aware of the basics of photography, you might already know how important this rule is. To make photographs more appealing and pleasing to the eye, set your camera to show grids (divide the frame into two vertical and three horizontal lines), and place the subject near or at the intersection of any two lines. You’ll definitely start to see the difference in photographs once you start applying this rule.

4. Understanding Lead Lines

Shot by Deena Lingarajan

We are all drawn towards landscapes and scenic photographs. Ever wondered why? This is because your eyes are naturally drawn towards the lines and symmetry of the photo. The composition of the image is vital in creating an impact on the viewer. Understanding this can help you to either affect the person getting drawn to the photo, the particular subject you want to highlight or the journey you want to create for them.

5. Play With Depth

Shot by Aadeeclicks

A photograph’s composition can completely change once played with depth. One fun way to add depth to your image is to divide it into background, middle ground and foreground. This creates a sense of depth in the image.

6. Frame It Right

Shot by Nachiket Parchuri

The natural world comes with its own set of beautiful and perfect frames. Adjust  position your click in such a way that the result is a focused image and one is naturally drawn to the subject.

Hope these tips help you in improving your photo-taking skills!

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