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Top Selling photos of 2019.

As we near the completion of 2019, we are excited to share the top selling pictures of the year 2019.  

Stock photography is all about meeting the needs of the clients and being able to analyse the needs of the customer and produce the works ahead of time.

1. Representative images of cities.

Cities are where majority of the digital economic activities happen. Businesses that operate from a city use pictures of the city in multiple media.

Pictures of Bengaluru city got sold multiple times on Picxy, so did pictures from other major cities.

When you are going around your city the next time, click pictures that represent your city and join the top sellers of Picxy.

2. Start Ups.

Pictures of Start ups like Swiggy, Zomato, Flipkart, Ola, Uber, BigBasket and many other which touch our lives daily have huge demand.

Multiple contributors have created works on these start ups and got into our Top Sellers.

Check out our Start Up photos collection:

Startups stock photos | 23 images found
Download Startups stock photos [HD quality]. Available for Digital Use, Print Use at affordable price on Picxy

3. Agriculture of India.

India runs on Agriculture. Pictures of Farmers, Agriculture, crops, faming equipment, etc are of great demand across the country.

Here are some of the pictures of Turmeric farming were bought in bulk.

Check out our Farmers Collection:

Farmers of India stock photos | 60 images found
Download Farmers of India stock photos [HD quality]. Available for Digital Use, Print Use at affordable price on Picxy

The uniqueness and diversity of crops and cultural aspects of farmers across India can be seen here at one place.

4. Airports, Railway Stations, Metros, Telecom Companies, Banks

India moves on our Indian railways, the airports, buses, ola, ubers, bikes, etc.

There are always sales on transportation and transportation infrastructure related pictures.

On the other hand, the finance and communications are run on the digital infrastructure created by companies like Jio, Airtel, HDFC, ICICI, SBI, etc.

These are top sellers and recurring sales happen a lot on these pictures.

5. Professions like Engineer, Teacher, Nurse, Doctor, etc.

Jobs, training, colleges and other related references use pictures of people from various professions working. This has been one of our top selling category.

6. Festivals and Celebrations

Pictures of festivals like Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Christmas, Ramzan, etc are always on the top sellers.

These are seasonal though, one has to understand the demand ahead of time and have the related works ready and published atleast a month before the actual festival to increase the probability of sale.

7. People and Families.

We are a nation of 1.3 Bn people and one day doesn't pass without someone talking about people and the families across the nation.

Representative pictures of people and families are always of great demand.

8. Corporate Offices, Hospitals, Shopping malls, etc.

One of the easiest to click and the most sold are pictures of corporate offices with logos, hospitals and shopping malls.  

There are even instances where owners of the shopping mall, corporate buildings and hospitals buying their own pictures from Picxy ;)

When you're on the street photography spree next time, don't forget these buildings !

9. Weddings

Weddings are the most celebrated events of India. Each state has its traditional way and its all colorful and beautiful. Well, make sure you don't upload pictures of bride and groom without their consent though.

There can be a lot of representative pictures that can be uploaded without the faces. Focus on them.

10. Food Photography, Street Food, Fruits and Vegetables.  

Stock photography sales in food space are very diverse in choice and nature.

The aesthetics side of it where a food stylist spends a lot of effort to make a beautiful spread of food with all the props.

The other side is the street food photography where the demand is equally high for pictures of the biryanies, pani puri and what not from the best food destinations of your city.

Most simple and easy pictures that get sold are images of fruits and vegetables.

Go to a vegetable market and click all you want :)

11. India as is.

Poverty, Child labour, Traffic, Pollution and many other realities of India are always in discussion and many organizations are working to solve them and address these problems.  

Pictures of India as is, representing all these problems from various regions across India are always of high sellability.

12. Representative images of accidents, murder, abuse, etc.

New outlets keep reporting about the accidents, murders, kidnaps, abuse that happen across the nation and they are in huge need for pictures that are representative images of these incidents.

This is one of the most selling images category on Picxy.

13. Model Shoots with mobile phone, laptop, college bag and other props.

We see ads everyday and majority of them have a human element. Model shoots are one of the top selling stock photos.

Here is how you can create pictures with model release:

  • Find a model --> Pay them for the Shoot. --> Click Pictures with various expressions and props --> Get a Model Release signed. --> Upload on Picxy along with model release.

14. Drone shots of Cities and Places.

Drone shots give a unique perspective and a great panaromic view of the cities and places. These are one of the most selling items on Picxy.  

Its time for the DJI gang to come show off their works ;)

15. Places of Visit.

The famous temple in your city, the famous monument that you visited, that interesting museum you visited, all these places of visit are always of high demand. clients in the travel, tourism, magazine, blogging industry use a lot of these images.

Take your camera with you and click them away.

Note: All the images shown in this blog are from the thousands of sales that have happened in 2019.

Click most sellable pictures and increase your chance of selling your pictures. Best part of clicking highly sellable pictures is that each picture might get sold multiple times increasing the overall earnings over a period of time.

Keep following Picxy updates on Blog and Social media to get latest updates on sales, trends, tips, etc.

Happy Clicking !

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