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Deforestation Images

31 Deforestation stock photos
Aerial View Land Clearing At Oil Palm Estate At Kedah.
Fresh Textured Wood Background
Marked Cut Wooden Background
Almora, Uttrakhand/ India - June 4 2020 : Two Young Kids Cutting Tress From A Forest Using An Axe. Save Trees Concept.
Lumberjack cutting tree with axe in the forest
Axe   At a Tree, Deforestation Concept
Dead and live tree.
Cutting Tree
An Old Rusty Wheelbarrow Loaded With Dry Chopped Firewood In A Pile Stands On The Ground Against A Background Of Stacked Logs And Green Grass.
wood cut lumber in truck, transport for industry
Pile Or Heap Of Cut Tree Trunks On The Ground Or Soil At Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanic Garden Of Shibpur, Howrah Near Kolkata
Tree Trunk
Tree Stump Heart
Staple of cut trees in a forest in Liechtenstein 24.4.2020
Staple of cut trees in a forest in Liechtenstein 24.4.2020
Chainsaw On Wood
man on top of hill with logs, lifting heavy log
Stacked, Chopped Wood
Capture of cut wood with sunlight on it in hilly area of Himachal pradesh, India
A man cutting dry woods in small pieces using axe
Aerial View Look Down Excavator And Land Clearing At Forest.
Aerial View Look Down Trees At Forest Is Cleared.
Top Down View Excavator Removes The Oil Palm Trees.
Wood texture of cut tree trunk Or Stem Closeup
Stock Of Cut Trees
Stock of cut trees
Closeup of cutted tree texture,  Wooden surface background of cutted tree - Stock Photo
Illegal Pine Tree Cutting In Transylvania, Romania
The tree is cut down