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Hampi Images

20 Hampi stock photos

The popular vacation spot Hampi is featured in this particular collection. Hampi is based in the southern state of India, Karnataka - and is showcased with all the elements that you were looking for

Coracle Boats On Thungabadra River in Hampi
A Traditional Dancer Giving Poses At Hampi
Hampi Stone chariot
Silhouette of a person sitting and with a beautiful sunset
Hampi Temple pillars
Saint near the temple
Beautiful view of virupaksha temple in Hampi
Human and Animals
Ugra Narasimha Temple In Hampi
Lotus Temple in Hampi / Temples of Hampi/Historic Architecture of Hampi
Achyutaraya Temple
Virupaksha temple
Happy Family in Hampi
From Here to Eternity
Stone Chariot At Vittala Temple In Hampi
Architectural View  of Manmatha Water Tank In Hampi
Temple Pool Or Temple Tank At  The Ancient Virupaksha Temple in Hampi
A Music Band Playing  Music At Virupaksha Temple
A Priest  Performing  Pooja For the Badavi Linga Statue  Surrounded By  A Pool Of Water In An Ancient Temple In Hampi
Historical Architecture Of Hampi  With Ancient Hindu Temple Shrines