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Irshad Ali Master in Computer Science from Karachi University. I am from Parachinar Upper Kurram. I am Pakistani and i also live in Parachinar.... Know more
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woody plant
Organism Petal
Pollinator Plant
Shrub flower Plant
Twig Flower
Window House
Ecoregion wood
Natural landscape of wood
Mountain formation
Geological Phenomenon
Natural Landscape
Terrestrial Plant
Mountain Slope
stone wall rock
Plant Community
Food with fruit
Wood Tree
Natural Tree
Natural Environment
Mountain Range
Wheat Crop
Annual Plant
Rural Area
Wood Home
Agriculture Wheat land
Natural Environment sky
Woody Plant with water
forest of tree
Botany Plant
Tomato Cucumber with Onion
shrub flower
Petal Plant
Pest Flower with insect
Pollinator flower
Yellow flower with insect
Annual Plant
Grass Family
Nature Flower
Pink Flower
Botany Flower
Herbaceous Plant
Nature of flower
Nature of Flower Spring
Flower of Nature in spring time