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Koyyagurapadu, Andhra Pradesh, India
Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky! Its been quite a while ive taken a picture,when ppl asked me abt it, i complained being in medical profession its quite difficult to have time for passion,but was on my way home ive seen many things i cud clik a farmer a lake but on day 1,i just told myself I don't have the camera with me,On day-2 ive carried my cam with me, seen more things that cud be clicked but then again I told myself I have the camera but then i was like its ok,on day three MANH this damn tree i crosssed it a few mtrs and then its image hit me hard in the head,and got all the memories from when photography became mt passion how and when. I just got down went and clicked, while doing it i had the post processed image already in my head! This damn tree got me an ENLIGHTENMENT!... Read more
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Image Credit: Picxy.com/Shashank

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