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One time pay, no commitment needed
₹ 1,000
₹ 100 per credit
save 50%
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Credit Guide - " 1 Digital Photo = 1 Credit & 1 Print Photo = 10 Credits"


Monthly Plan
₹ 12,000/month
₹ 80 per credit
save 60%
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Quarterly Plan
₹ 10,500/month
₹ 70 per credit
save 65%
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Why Picxy?

Access to daily, exclusive visual content
Multiple user logins with annual subscriptions
Now re-download visuals with no extra cost
No limit to digital usage of downloads
Worldwide availability and usage
No daily limit for downloads

Frequently asked questions

  • How are credits debited?

    If image is downloaded under digital usage, it is 1 credit. If it is downloaded under print usage it is 10 credits.

  • Are the remaining credits carried to next month?

    Remaning credits will be carried to next month, as long as the subscription is active.

  • What is value pack?

    Download images anytime within 3 months of purchase for 3 and 10 Credits Value Packs. For remaining packs, download anytime within 6 months of purchase.

  • What is quarterly plan?

    A quarterly plan is a 3 months recurring subsciption that enables you to save cost.

  • Can I subscribe to multiple plans?

    No, at present we are allowing only one active plan at a time.

  • How can I upgrade to new plan?

    Please reach to us to upgrade your plan. Contact Us

  • Can I cancel the plan when not needed?

    You can cancel the plan anytime. Your recurring payments will be stopped.

  • Will I get refunded if I cancel the subscription?

    No refunds will be issued on the current subscription. The future recurring payments will be cancelled.

  • What happens to my credits if I cancel?

    You are good to use those credits until the end of the validty of current subscription.

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