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Value Packs

Non-committal Plan
₹ 360
₹ 120 per Image
save 40%
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Subscription Plans

Monthly Plan
₹ 10,000/month
₹ 100 per Image
save 50%
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Quarterly Plan
₹ 8500/month
₹ 85 per Image
save 57.5%
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Economical pricing guide

Afford credits on a simplified basis

For Digital Usage
1 credit = 1 image
For print Usage
10 credits = 1 image
of unused credits
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Why Picxy?

Access to daily, exclusive visual content
Team goals - Multiple user logins with annual subscriptions
Redownload with zero stress for extra costs
No limit to digital usage of downloads
Worldwide availability and usage
No daily limit for downloads

Frequently asked questions

  • How are credits debited?

    If image is downloaded under digital usage, it is 1 credit. If it is downloaded under print usage it is 10 credits.

  • Are the remaining credits carried to next month?

    Remaning credits will be carried to next month, as long as the subscription is active.

  • What is value pack?

    Download images anytime within 6 months of purchase.

  • What is quarterly plan?

    A quarterly plan is a 3 months recurring subsciption that enables you to save cost.

  • Can I subscribe to multiple plans?

    No, at present we are allowing only one active plan at a time.

  • How can I upgrade to new plan?

    Please reach to us to upgrade your plan. Contact Us

  • Can I cancel the plan when not needed?

    You can cancel the plan anytime. Your recurring payments will be stopped.

  • Will I get refunded if I cancel the subscription?

    No refunds will be issued on the current subscription. The future recurring payments will be cancelled.

  • What happens to my credits if I cancel?

    You are good to use those credits until the end of the validty of current subscription.

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