Subscription Plans

₹ 200 per image

  • 10 Credits

₹ 2000
Per Month, GST Extra.

₹ 150 per image

  • 50 Credits

₹ 7500
Per Month, GST Extra.

₹ 100 per image

  • 200 Credits

₹ 20000
Per Month, GST Extra.

₹ 75 per image

  • 400 Credits

₹ 30000
Per Month, GST Extra.



How are credits debited ?

If image is downloaded under digital usage, it is 1 credit. If it is downloaded under print usage it is 4 credits.

Are the remaining credits carried to next month ?

Remaning credits will not be carried to next month. Eg: If you are in medium plan, every month you will be credited with 50 credits. No matter how many were left in the earlier cycle.

Can I subscribe to multiple plans ?

No, at present we are allowing only active plan at a time.

How can I upgrade to new plan ?

Please cancel the existing plan and purchase the plan that suits your business.

Can I cancel the plan when not needed ?

You can cancel the plan anytime. Your recurring payments will be stopped.

Will I get refund if I cancel the subscription ?

No refunds will be issued. Only the recurring payments will be not collected.

What happens to my credits if I cancel ?

You are good to use those credits until the end of last billing cycle.