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Share your picxy referral link and earn everytime a new contributor/ photographer signs up with your referral code and uploads their photos.

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What is Picxy Referral ?

Did you know that as contributors with Picxy, it’s easy to earn money by sharing your Picxy Referral with other photographers/ contributors? All you need is a Picxy portfolio to start earning money. The Picxy Referral Program allows you to earn money by referring creatives to Picxy platform.

How Picxy referral works ?

If you bring a photographer to Picxy you earn money. All they need to do is sign up using your Picxy Referral Link. You can easily find your link in your Picxy Contributor Account.

When do you get rewarded ?

After the contributor you referred signs up with your referral code, uploads his first photo & it gets approved by the team, you earn ₹ 10/- each time as your referral earnings.
The Contributor who signs up with your referral link earns ₹ 50/- as one time earnings when he signs up with your referral code, gets his first 20 photos published.