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Submission Guidelines

Here are a few things you should know before you upload the content.

1. Make sure the pictures are authentic content by you, and upload pictures without watermarks.

2. Make sure the pictures are not over edited. Try to preserve the natural colors as much as you can.

3. Do not upload B & W pictures.

4. Upload more of Landscape Oriented Pictures. Portrait ( Vertical) Oriented Pictures have low sellability.

5. Update the metadata information and location information to the most accurate possible.

Content Guidelines

When Uploading on Picxy make sure that Every Picture has a Story in them or They fit well into a Story !

We don’t look for 1000 Charminar Pictures, We would rather be interested in What are the Famous Biryani Points around Charminar, What sweets they sell around Charminar, what happens in Laad Bazaar, etc. Look at India as is. Look at whats going on around you.

We look for diversified content.

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